Our Services

Our mission is to provide value-added and cost-saving services to our clients:

1. Repair of cracks, holes, voids, as well as modifications, can be performed on most plastic products.

Wheelie Bins, Canoes, Fittings (handles, brackets, stub flanges, etc), Water Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Cylinders, Playgrounds, Bumpers, Fairings, Chairs and many more plastic products.

2. Spin Welding:

Used widely in the rotation moulding industry to provide threaded ports on moulded tanks.

3. Water Proof Welding; Tarpauline Welding, Vinal Floor Welding, and Pipe Fabrication

4. Sales: OTTO Wheelie Bins and Spares

If your old wheelie bin is beyond repairs then at least we can give you a good deal on new bins.

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